Both the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints entered this NFL season with some question marks. For Green Bay, this would most likely be Aaron Rodgers' final season with the team, whereas the Saints were going to kick off the post-Drew Brees era.

That, combined with the fact that the Saints would have to play in Jacksonville due to Hurricane Ida, made bookmakers believe that the Packers should be favored in their Week 1 matchup by as many as 5 points.

In reality, it was Sean Payton's team the one that came up on top, as Jameis Winston completely outplayed Aaron Rodgers and the Saints routed the Packers with an embarrassing 38-3 win.

Jameis Winston Says The Win Was For New Orleans

Winston silenced his critics in his first outing with the Saints, completing 14 of 20 passes for 148 yards and 5 touchdowns. He added 6 rushes for 37 yards and was in full control of the offense:

“That was for the city,” Winston said after the game. “So, shoutout to the city of New Orleans. We did that for them. We knew how much it would mean to get a great victory for that region. They’ve been through so much [with damage and power outages from the hurricane]. And for us to be able to celebrate this victory with them, it’s just hats off to them for their resilience, because they motivated us, they inspired us to come out there and ball.”

Aaron Rodgers Says The Packers Were Too High On Themselves

Rodgers, on the other hand, wasn't nearly as impressive as he usually was, completing just 15 of 28 passes for 133 yards and 2 picks. After the game, he dropped some truth bombs and acknowledged that they were just too high on themselves:

“I think there’s probably some of that. We probably felt like we were going to go up and down the field on whoever they had out there. . . . This is a good kick in the you-know-where to hopefully get us going in the right direction," said number 12.

Now, the Packers will get a prime chance to bounce back in Week 2 against the Detroit Lions, whereas the Saints will look to keep momentum going against Sam Darnold and the Carolina Panthers.

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