The Summer Olympics are a major multi-sport event that takes place every four years. The best athletes in the world compete against each other individually or in a team, in a range of different sports.

The Summer Olympics often feature gymnastics, track and field, aquatics, boxing, boxing, archery, soccer, handball, basketball, tennis, and many other sports. The Olympics totaled 42 sports in one era or another. The 2020 Summer Games will be held from 23 July to August 8, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan.

They were planned for July 24 to August 9, 2020, but they eventually got postponed as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Although the event was delayed for 2021, it still retains the name Tokyo 2020 for marketing and naming reasons. The Olympics were not annulled but they were postponed for the first time in its 124-year history.

Summer Olympics: Year and host for the next edition

The 2024 & 2028 Olympics Hosts Announcement. (Getty)

The 2024 Summer Olympics will be held from July 26 to August 11, 2024, in Paris, France. Paris, which previously hosted the Olympics in 1900 and 1924, will become the second city in history to hold the Olympics three times, following London (1908, 1948, and 2012). The centennial of the Paris Games in 1924, as well as France's sixth Olympic Games, will be celebrated in 2024.

The bidding process for the Summer Olympics in 2024 began in 2015. Paris won the privilege to host the Games over four other cities: Hamburg, Rome, Budapest, and Los Angeles. After Hamburg, Rome, and Budapest withdrew their bids, in 2017, the IOC approved Paris and Los Angeles to host the 2024 and the 2028 Olympics respectively.

In addition to the new debutant sports, such as breakdancing, surfing, ski climbing, and skateboarding, the organizing committee of Paris stated in 2019, that it would propose breaking as a new sport for the 2024 Summer Olympics. The IOC agreed for all five sports to be included in the 2024 Paris Games. 32 sports including 329 events will be part of the 2024 Olympic program.