Soccer is one of the most exciting sports and betting on the European UEFA Champions League, in particular, is as exciting as the competition itself. There are various betting options in UEFA Champions League, and each has its own variables. It is important to understand how these variables work and it will help you decide to place your bet.

Like in the NFL or the NHL, there are a number of different kinds of bets, from moneyline bets, props bets, futures bets, half markets, and parlays, there are many different options for a bettor has to wager on a match. The mechanics are very similar to the ones in the NBA or the UFC.

This guide will help beginners understand how to bet on those betting options, how to read soccer odds, and which type of betting option may be the safer choice in your wager as we continue our series of Sports Betting and how to bet on each soccer league.

UEFA Champions League Moneyline Bet

Luis Suarez of Atletico Madrid celebrates with teammates against Celta de Vigo. (Getty)

A moneyline bet in soccer is basically who of the two clubs you feel will win the matchup outright. Odds are placed for each team and based on your pick, you will receive a payout. For example:

Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid

Chelsea +115
Tie +230
Atletico Madrid +260

* Odds by FanDuel

So if you bet on Chelsea to win at $100, you would be paid out $115, your original bet plus the winnings. If you bet on Atletico Madrid to win, you would win your bet plus $260 in winnings, but if you expect the game to end with no winner, the payout would be $230.

Over/Under UEFA Champions League bet

Jadon Sancho (left) of Borussia Dortmund interacts with Jesus Navas (right) of Sevilla. (Getty)

Over/Under in soccer betting is a wager on the total number of goals. If you think a match will be over/under a certain that combined total, then you place your bet. For example:

Borussia Dortmund vs Sevilla



Over 3.5 +152
Under 3.5 -186

* Odds by FanDuel

Over 3.5 means that both clubs must score at least 4 goals combined. Anything below that and you lose your bet. On the contrary, Under 3.5 signifies that both clubs must score at a combined sum of 3 goals the most. Anything over that and you lose your bet.

UEFA Champions League Prop Betting

Marten De Roon of Atalanta (left) is tackled by Ferland Mendy of Real Madrid (right). (Getty)

Prop bets in soccer are just like those of other sports. Here you bet on what could happen during the game, for example, who will score a goal, or how the game will end after the final whistle.

There are Player Props, where you guess the exact goalscorer of the game. It could be the first or the final scorer of his club, or during the match overall. Or you can try your luck by doing the Game Props. With the Game Props, you guess the correct final score. For example:

Correct Score   DraftKings
Real Madrid Draw Atalanta
1-0  +800 0-0  +1200 1-0  +1000
2-0  +900 1-1  +600 2-0  +2100  
2-1  +750 2-2  +1200 2-1  +1100
3-0  +1700 3-3  +4900 3-0  +4800

* Odds by DraftKings

UEFA Champions League Game Spread Bet

Leroy Sane of Bayern takes a free-kick against Lazio. (Getty)

For this form of wager, points (or goals in the case of society) are essentially deducted, and points are awarded to the underdog. These variations in the points/goals are known as the spread. For example:

Bayern -3.25 +510
Lazio +3.25 -715

* Odds by DraftKings

Since Bayern Munich are favored by -3.25, that means that they have to win or draw by 3 goals. Anything below that and you lose your bet. While if you bet on Lazio, then they have to win or draw by 3 goals. Anything below that and you lose your bet.

UEFA Champions League Futures

Manuel Neuer of Bayern lifts the 2019-20 UEFA Champions League Trophy. (Getty)

Just like other sports, there are futures, here you bet on who will win the UEFA Champions League in the final, or who will become the Champions League winner for the season. For example:

Manchester City +220
Bayern +300
Paris Saint-Germain +500
Liverpool +650
Chelsea +1200
Real Madrid +1400

* Odds by FanDuel

UEFA Champions League Live Betting

Lionel Messi of Barcelona (right) and Mauro Icardi of Paris Saint-Germain (left). (Getty)

UEFA Champions League is one of the most popular live betting sports leagues in the world. In addition, to the correct final score, the correct goalscorers and so, you can also bet on the total number of cards, the total number of corners, the half-time score, and more in live betting.

Odds change very quickly during a match, so you need to be quick to place your bet. As the game changes so do the odds. So, you need to make sure you bet quickly and follow the game perfectly to win your live bets. Every variable changes constantly.

UEFA Champions League Parlays

A UEFA Champions League bet is multiple bets on your ticket, here you bet that Chelsea and Atletico Madrid to draw; Borussia Dortmund and Sevilla to score Over 3.5 goals; Real Madrid to beat Atalanta 2-1, and Bayern to win or draw by 3 goals. You would need to hit all four combinations to win your bet.

Moise Keane (centre) of Paris Saint-Germain celebrates with teammates Marquinhos (left) and Alessandro Florenzi (right). (Getty)

We hope this article was helpful in understanding the different types of UEFA Champions League betting options. It is important to become familiar with each before you start betting on parlays for example.