The phenomenon of nonfighters invading boxing may not end soon. Why quit an activity that leaves a profit of millions of dollars? Jake Paul is the banner of this movement, the one who has shown the world that it is not necessary to be an elite boxer to earn a fortune in a ring. However, one of the legends of this sport feels bad about this have happened. Mike Tyson pleads guilty.

So far, for just five professional boxing fights held, Jake Paul has earned the scandalous amount of 5.69 million dollars. That is more than one million per clash on average. Obviously, this is still far away from the $30 million Canelo Alvarez make for every single one of his 2021 fights, but Alvarez is the current best boxer in the world, and Paul has not even fought traditional or real boxers yet.

 An average boxer could only get Jake Paul's earnings per fight on his dreams. As Bolavip US has reported, the total annual income for a normal fighter is not further than $22,000, considering fighting just three times every 12 months. 

Mike Tyson pleads guilty of Jake Paul's economic success in boxing

Iron Mike held an exhibition fight against four-division Champion Roy Jones Jr. in 2020. On the undercard of Tyson's event, Jake Paul had his second professional boxing bout, as he faced former Basketball player Nate Robinson. The exposition for the Youtuber was massive, and it helped him to gain fans that, later, made him one of the highest pay-per-view sellers. 

"I just wanted to do it for fun (coming back to the ring), but other persons (Youtubers) took this activity to another economic level, and I am really not enjoying it," said the former two times World Heavyweight Champion in an interview for FULL SEND podcast.

Recently, some reports put Mike Tyson almost ending a one-fight deal with Jake Paul. However, Iron Mike denied the clash not only once on social media, but now again at the latter podcast: "If this would have been when I was an active boxer I would have accepted, but this has turned into something wrong that could have a bad ending".

Floyd Mayweather Jr. may contribute to the Youtubers' invasion of boxing

The five-division champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. has recently announced that he was going to have an exhibition fight in a helipad of a luxury hotel in Dubai. The extravagant clash may put the Pretty Boy against a Youtuber Money Kicks

Money Kicks has also confirmed the possibility of facing Mayweather Jr. as he stated that they were on advanced talks. Besides, the Emirati Internet celebrity said he has already talked with Logan Paul, a fellow Youtuber, Jake Paul's brother, and Mayweather's last opponent, to get tips on how to overcome the mighty former boxer.