Well, the New York Yankees couldn't afford to drop the ball here, so props to Brian Cashman for finally getting a deal done. The price? $360 million across nine years to keep reigning AL MVP Aaron Judge in the Bronx.

Cashman had secured an extension through the 2026 season. However, losing Judge would be reason enough to just throw that contract into the garbage and ask him to leave his credentials on his way out.

Judge bet on himself last season, and it sure paid off. He raked left and right en route to a historical 62-homer season, running away with the AL MVP award and carrying the Yankees' stagnant offense on his wide shoulders.

MLB News: Aaron Judge's Contract Breakdown

Judge most definitely earned every single penny of his new contract. So, now that he's signed this massive deal — which is the largest in yearly average for a position player in MLB history — let's take an in-depth look at those numbers. 

At the naked eye — before taxes — we can already see that the talented slugger will make a whopping $40 million a year. That translates into $3.33 million per month, which is also $111,111 per day; $4,629 per hour; $77.1 per minute, and $1.2 per second. In the time it took you to read this whole piece, he made around $150 bucks.

MLB's regular season has 162 games. In an unrealistic scenario where he plays every single game, he'd be making $246,913 per game. Judging by last year's numbers, he'd get $57,461 per plate appearance and an absurd $645,161 per homer.

Of course, these numbers are before taxes and mostly speculative. But it just puts into context how much money you can get for being very, very good at baseball. So, I don't know about you, but I'm working on my swing already.