Aaron Judge comes from a fantastic season, but he expects 2023 to be even better. While his performances last year earned him the AL MVP award, his goal is to achieve collective success this year.

Judge decided to come back to the Yankees, who named him as the team captain. A decision that makes complete sense, since we're talking about the best player New York has had in years.

But it's been a while since the Bronx Bombers won a World Series, and fans can't wait to get back to the top. Judge is well aware of that, and is therefore willing to change his position if that's what manager Aaron Boone wants.

Aaron Judge open to playing left field for Yankees in 2023

"I did mention it to him [Boone], if we need to get Big G [Giancarlo Stanton] in right field at Yankee Stadium, put me in left," Judge said, via ESPN. "I don't mind it. I don't mind switching around so we can have (Harrison) Bader, me, and Big G out there. So, we'll get some reps in spring training and (get) comfortable out there.

"The only way you can really test things out, is (to) throw yourself out there. Hopefully, I'll get a couple games out there," he added. "I don't think I've played left field since probably college! I know (Stanton) wants to be a good outfielder. He's good out there; made a couple of plays the past couple of years. I expect to see him out there quite a bit."

As the team captain, Judge is setting an example. He's been the Yankees' best player in 2022, but he knows the team comes first. We'll see whether Boone ultimately moves him to left field.