Aaron Judge is under the spotlight this season. The New York Yankees fielder is on pace for a 50+ home runs this year and he is a key piece for the ones from the Big Apple to keep the title dream alive. In spite of that, he feels that the team does not recognize his value and he possibly just revealed what will be his next move.

The right fielder became a sensation in 2016 during his first season in Major League Baseball. He instantly connected with the Yankees fans, which made a fake jury in the stands to honor his family name. It has been quite a run for Aaron Judge in New York, but he is also considering what he should do with his career next.

This year, the Yankees are probably the best team throughout the entire league. After 92 games, getting to the Midsummer Classic, the Yankees ended the first half of the season with a 64-28 record. They are the best candidates to win the title, but they could lose Aaron Judge, his biggest star, at the end of the campaign.

Aaron Judge and a statement that scares every single Yankees fan

During the 2022 MLB All-Star activity, Aaron Judge was the focal point for the media. He did not participate in the Home Run Derby as he did not want to get tired and use his arms for the real games with the Yankees. After the All-Star game, which he did played, he was questioned by ESPN's Marly Rivera if her son, named Jacob, should be upset about the rumors that says that the slugger could be playing his last season at New York, and the answer was not the best for the child.

"Jacob, buddy, we got a lot of great Yankees on this team. There are a lot of great Yankees that’ll be here for a long time. So, ya know? Don’t be upset", he said to ESPN. "Hopefully, you’ll be a Judge fan for life."

Judge will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, but in spite of him revealing that he would like to be a Yankee for the rest of his career, this words do not quite reinforce that statement. He turned down a eight-year offer worth near $230 million and was reportedly looking for a nine-year contract for around $310 million.