One of the keys to sports economical success is nostalgia. For sure there are current stars that conquer the fans' hearts, but there is always a reminder of a past time that was happy or, for someones, even better than the present. Right there is where the classic objects, the Memorabilia, raise their market value.

For sure, in 50 years, the spikes Cristiano Ronaldo wore during his Real Madrid game will maybe cost millions; just like the boxing gloves that Canelo Alvarez used as lethal weapons to destroy his rivals or the iconic cap of Dominican first baseman Albert Pujol

In fact, talking about baseball, there have been classic pieces related to past superstars that were sold at a very high price. Auctions are very fun places to witness the power of nostalgia, because, as a fan, how much would you be willing to spend to own a part of your MLB idols?

The most expensive Baseball Memorabilia sold at auction

Babe Ruth 1919 Trade Contract. When The Sultan of Swat moved from Boston Red Sox to New York  Yankees, he never imagined that the paper he signed to make its transfer official would be that worth. Actor Charlie Sheen sold this item through an auction for $2.3 million. Sheen purchased the contract, which is the Yankees' copy in the '90s.

Jackie Robinson's 1947 Jersey. Being the first African American to be part of the MLB is a powerful reason to consider Robinson an all-time baseball icon. The Brooklyn Dodgers jersey he wore in his rookie season in 1947 was sold for $2.05 million in an auction in 2017.

Babe Ruth 1927 Championship ring. Before this article was sold at auction, the record for the highest price sold for a championship ring was $460,000. However, just like The Bambino did on the field, his Yankees championship ring broke the established limits with a selling price of $2.09 million, again in 2017.

Lou Gherig 1937 Jersey. One more New York Yankees article. The Iron Horse wore this cloth during one of his last elite seasons. A family received the jersey as a gift from George Weiss, a historic Yankee General Manager, and sold it for $2.58 million.

Marc McGwire 70th Home Run ball. The Comic book creator Todd McFarlane paid $3 million for this item in 1999. It was sold through an auction by the fan who caught the ball, Phil Ozersky. Unfortunately for the buyer, after McGwire accepted he used steroids to improve his performance, and his record-breaking by Barry Bonds in 2001, the ball's price fell to $300,000.

"Laws of Baseball" Document. The very beginning of the current MLB universe started with this piece written by Daniel Lucius "Doc" Adams in 1857. Rules such as the minimum ball weight, and the length of a baseball bat's widest part were first shown on it. Doc's creation was sold for $3.26 million.

Babe Ruth 1920 Jersey. The game-worn clothes of the greatest baseball player are one of the auction's top sellers. This one belonged to Ruth during his first year with New York Yankees and was bought in 2012 by an auction company, which paid $4.42 million.

Babe Ruth "Yankees" Road Jersey. The highest sold Baseball Memorabilia article ever. It was sold for $5.64 million, and it was worn by The Big Bam during the Murders Row era, a time in the late 20's considered as one of the best New York Yankees' versions ever. The extraordinary thing about the jersey is that it was the only time in the team history that the word "Yankees" appeared on the front. 

*Source: Sports Collectors Digest