It's been a couple of weeks since Los Angeles Dodgers star Trevor Bauer was put on administrative leave by Major League Baseball and the MLBPA after an unnamed woman accused him of assault.

The case is currently under investigation by the Pasadena Police Department and the Commissioner's office, as the woman even filed a restraining order against the former Cincinnati Reds star.

Per MLBPA ruling, a player under investigation should still get paid while the process is ongoing, meaning that his team is losing money every single day he's not on the mound. But, how much have the Dodgers paid Bauer for not playing?

Dodgers Are Losing A Lot Of Money With Trevor Bauer On Paid Leave

If we break down Bauer's massive $102 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers, you'd see that he's due to make around $38 million this season. Given that he's lost 10 regular season games already, it means that his team has lost nearly $2.5 million on him - and counting.

It's worth noting that Bauer's camp has repeatedly stated that his encounters with the said woman were consensual and there's even evidence of her asking to be choked and slapped. Then again, the woman alleges that some actions are illegal even under consent.

It doesn't seem like this story is going to go away any time soon and - obviously - we believe that he should pay his debt to society if he is, in fact, guilty. No one should condone this kind of behavior.

But if he is innocent as he pledges and as most of the evidence shows, we just hope he can put this scandal behind him and go back to what he does best: Throwing strikes and calling out Robert Manfred and gossip bloggers.