It's not a secret that Mike Trout is one of the most - if not the most - talented and dominant players in Major League Baseball history. Even if he hasn't had much experience in the postseason due to the Los Angeles Angels' never-ending struggles, his résumé is pretty much flawless.

That's why you wouldn't expect a player that's been around the league for so long to get better at 29-years-old. However, somehow, someway; the legendary outfielder continues to make baseball history.

Believe it or not - and as scary as it may seem - Mike Trout seems to be getting better. How's that so? Well, according to's Mike Petriello, his numbers in April have been better than any other month of his career.

Mike Trout Is Having The Best Month Of His Career

"After returning from a bruised elbow by going 4-for-5 on Monday, Trout is hitting an absolutely obscene .426/.539/.820. It’s the best line in baseball. It’s the best month of his career. It’s one of the best Aprils anyone has ever had, ever. How is that even possible, that he’s still showing more? Let’s find out.

+ His .426 average is his best ever, past the .392 he had in July 2012.
+ His .539 OBP is his best ever, past the .500 he had in August 2012.
+ His .820 slugging is somehow only his third best ever.
+ His OPS and wOBA are each his best ever.
+ His 26.3% strikeout rate is one of his 10 highest ever. He’s making contact on 74.4% of his swings, which would be his second-lowest ever," said the report.

Ever since he made it to the league, a lot of people have speculated that he could down as the greatest player to ever grace this sport, even if he never wins - or plays - in a World Series. Hopefully, though, he'll get his chance to lead the Angels to a ring before he's ready to call it a career.