Seven weeks of the 2021 Major League Baseball regular season are already in the history books. So, even if it's still too early to tell who's going to win the World Series, some teams have already proven to be way above the rest.

While the ever-struggling Detroit Tigers and Pittsburgh Pirates are already planning ahead to the draft and next season, a handful of teams has shown their strength throughout the first two months of the season.

That's why oddsmakers already have three strong candidates to take home the Commissioner's Trophy at the end of the playoffs, and we'll let you know everything about them in the following paragraphs.

MLB Playoffs 2021: Early Favorites To Win The World Series

3. San Diego Padres (+800)

Manny Machado & Fernando Tatís Jr. (Getty)

The San Diego Padres made some huge moves in the offseason to keep up with the Los Angeles Dodgers and it has paid off thus far. They're coming off sweeping a 9-game homestand and have shown the ability to outscore every single rival.

Their offense was never in question and their much-improved defense makes them a legit threat out of the NL West. Also, Fernando Tatís Jr continues to make strides as the league's finest entertainer.

2. New York Yankees (+700)

Luke Voit & Brett Gardner. (Getty)

The New York Yankees had struggled with their starting rotation for nearly a decade. Last week, their starters didn't allow a single run, including a no-hitter from Corey Kluber. Add a red-hot Gleyber Torres to the mix and you have yourself a contender.

Also, the Bronx Bombers have finally found a consistent bullpen and aren't blowing leads in the 9th as often as they used to last year. They've produced multiple runs despite not always hitting 4 homers per game, which was also a huge issue the past season.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (+330)

Mookie Betts. (Getty)

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been somewhat disappointing this season but they still have the best team in the league. I mean, we're talking about a team that lost Dustin May for the season but just got David Price back.

When locked in, there's no team in the world that can match the Dodgers' power and starting rotation. The only question marks for this team are their struggling bullpen and Dave Roberts' questionable decisions.