The MLB Playoffs begin with two Wild Card games on October 6, after that round the Division Series begins on October 7 with the first game between the Chicago White Sox against Astros in Houston, Texas. In the middle of October between the 15th and 16th the League Championship Series begins. And the World Series starts on October 26th

For the 2021 season of the Major League Baseball, fans will be allowed in the stadiums, but some stadiums require that the public have proof of vaccination, negative covid test or face masks. The information is available on the MLB website, the mandates are not related to the MLB, only the local authority decides the type of rules to enter the stadiums.

Ticket prices for the MLB playoffs are similar to previous seasons, the difference in prices is minimal. But now fans have more options to buy tickets online and avoid looking for resellers or buying tickets directly at the stadium.

MLB Playoffs 2021 Tickets: How much do they cost

For the Wild Card games, tickets are available from $167 at infield grandstand 31 for the game between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees in the American League. Other more expensive tickets in the Field Box are available from $498 to $1,223 per seat.

Tickets for the division series between Houston Astros and Chicago White Sox (ALDS) are a bit cheaper since it is not as attractive a rivalry as the one mentioned above between Boston and Yankees. Tickets for the ALDS are available starting at $80 for Section 255, $162 for Section 118 and $43 for section 423.

MLB Playoffs 2021 Tickets: How to buy them

SeatGeek is the first option to buy tickets for the MLB Playoffs 2021, the website is easy to use, plus they offer a quick search on the stadium map without having to see the listings of available tickets. also offers online tickets for fans, it is the official website of the league and the most reliable way to buy tickets for the playoffs. Stubhub and Ticketmaster are two other online options to buy tickets for the postseason, each website and app offer different offers combined with hotel packages and other advantages.