The New York Yankees are on fire for the 2022 MLB season. There is no arguement that can invalidate their great moment and they are on pace for winning this year's title. It has been so easy for them that the players are getting distracted with some other things during the games, like throwing gum on the field. Yes, the gum that you use to make bubbles.

With a 56-20 record (.737 percentage), the Yankees have absolutely dominated the East of the American League. After years and years of disappointments, it seems that in 2022 they will get another trophy for their showcases. It is a fully focused squad, but they are also trying to enjoy another aspects of baseball during each duel.

One of the best players in this roster is Aaron Judge. The 30 year-old right fielder is on pace to hit more than 50 home runs this season and everyone in the Great Apple is loving the way he dominates every pitcher. But none of that will matter if the Yankees do not succeed and get the Commisioner's Trophy this year.

Why are the New York Yankees throwing gum on the field during the games?

The television cameras caught that the Yankee's dugout is throwing bubble gum on the field during every game at home. Cameron Maybin, Yankees analyst, said that the players made up a game kind of like golf where they need to put the gum (not chewed, fortunately) in a certain spot and whoever gets it the nearest, wins.

"It's like frisbee golf. They find a little marker on the field and they toss the gum and they act as if they're playing frisbee golf", Maybin said during the New York vs Athletics broadcast.