Major League Baseball has unveiled the postseason schedule for 2023, setting the stage for an electrifying series of games that will lead up to the World Series showdown. While the exact matchups and game times are yet to be determined, the preliminary schedule offers fans a glimpse into the highly anticipated playoff action.

The postseason format in both the American League (AL) and National League (NL) follows a strategic seeding pattern. The top three seeds in each league are awarded to the division winners, while the remaining spots are claimed by the teams with the best records that didn’t secure division titles.

This arrangement ensures that the most dominant teams face off against each other. The playoffs kick off with the wild-card round, slated to take place from Tuesday, October 3rd, to Thursday, October 5th. During this phase, the third and sixth seeds will engage in a three-game series, while the fourth and fifth seeds go head-to-head in their own three-game battle.

Wild-Card Round

The postseason fireworks will begin with the Wild-Card Round, set to ignite from Tuesday, October 3, to Thursday, October 5. During these days, the battlegrounds will witness intense matchups as the No. 3 seed hosts the No. 6 seed for a three-game series, while the No. 4 seed welcomes the No. 5 seed for an equally fierce showdown.

Divisional Round

As the postseason progresses, the Divisional Round takes center stage, commencing on Saturday, October 7. The excitement continues to build on Sunday, October 8, with ALDS Games 2 and NLDS Games 2 gracing the fields. The action-packed week also includes ALDS Games 3 on Tuesday, October 10, and NLDS Games 3 alongside ALDS Games 4 (if necessary) on Wednesday, October 11.

October 7 – All four series Game 1
October 8 – ALDS Games 2
October 9 – NLDS Games 2
October 10 – ALDS Games 3
October 11 – NLDS Games 3 and ALDS Games 4 (if necessary)
October 12 – NLDS Games 4 (if necessary)
October 13 – ALDS Games 5 (if necessary)
October 14 – NLDS Games 5 (if necessary)

League Championship Series

The League Championship Series is set to captivate fans starting Sunday, October 15. With ALCS Game 1 and NLCS Game 1 taking the spotlight, the adrenaline-fueled battles will unfold over the ensuing days. The series reaches its zenith with the potential climax of ALCS Game 7 and NLCS Game 7 on Monday, October 23 and Tuesday, October 24, respectively.

October 15 – ALCS Game 1
October 16 – NLCS Game 1 and ALCS Game 2
October 17 – NLCS Game 2
October 18 – ALCS Game 3
October 19 – NLCS Game 3 and ALCS Game 4
October 20 – NLCS Game 4 and ALCS Game 5 (if necessary)
October 21 – NLCS Game 5 (if necessary)
October 22 – ALCS Game 6 (if necessary)
October 23 – NLCS Game 6 (if necessary) and ALCS Game 7 (if necessary)
October 24 – NLCS Game 7 (if necessary)

World Series

The climax of the MLB postseason extravaganza arrives with the World Series, which kicks off on Friday, October 27. As the intriguing confrontations continue, the anticipation builds for Game 7, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 4. If needed, Game 6 will be contested on Friday, November 3.

October 27 – Game 1
October 28 – Game 2
October 30 – Game 3
October 31 – Game 4
November 1 – Game 5 (if necessary)
November 3 – Game 6 (if necessary)
November 4 – Game 7 (if necessary)