The 2021 NBA All-Star reserves were announced five days after the starters and now it’s fair to say that things are almost ready for this year's edition of one of the most important events during the season. 

Seven players in each conference complemented the starters revealed past week and now we have to wait for the league to hold the 2021 draft, where LeBron James and Kevin Durant will pick the players they want for their teams. 

As soon as the news broke, a lot of fans started showing their disappointment with some of the names making it to the big game, expressing their opinions on who should have been elected and why some players were ‘lucky’ to get selected to the big game. 

NBA fans react to 2021 All-Star reserves list 

As usual, this announcement didn’t sit well with a lot of people around the league, and social media was flooded with comments of angry fans trying to make their points. Some used memes as the best way to show their emotions while others were just fine expressing them with words. 

For Devin Booker, the league will grant the Western Conference a replacement if Anthony Davis is unable to play. That could be an option for the Phoenix Suns guard to make it to the game, just like it happened last season when he replaced Damian Lillard.