First off, a technical foul is a penalty given to a certain player for unsportsmanlike conduct or for committing a violation. Both players on-court and on the bench can receive a technical foul, even coaches can commit it. For example; excessive timeouts, delay of the game and number of on-court players can result in a technical foul.

The heat of an NBA game can change a lot within minutes. The same can happen with the players’ composure. Sometimes the players get angry due to a wrong foul call, no foul call, if they don’t get an and-one, and many more. The anger at those moments can produce a loss in emotion control.

However, the technical fouls aren’t only reserved for players. Coaches can commit a technical foul also. Some technical fouls can result in an ejection from the game, suspension, and the worse is getting fined. Here you will know how many technical fouls will result in a suspension in the NBA.

How many Technical Fouls before a suspension in the NBA?

Technical fouls like hanging on the rim, delaying the game, and having an excessive number of players on the court are considered non-unsportsmanlike. The penalty for these type of fouls are soft. However, other fouls like insulting an official, taunting, and physical abusing are also unsportsmanlike technical fouls but committing such fouls in an NBA game may result in a suspension.

When a player commits a technical foul doesn’t mean the player gets an inmmediate suspension. Before the suspension, a warning is received by the player after 10 technical fouls committed. A player that has committed 16 unsportsmanlike technical fouls in a regular season game is suspended from playing 1 game. In addition, if a player has committed his 17th unsportsmanlike technical foul, the player will be fined at least $5000 dollars. If 2 more technical fouls are committed, the player will get a second suspension.

In the NBA Playoffs, when a player has committed a technical foul has a different meaning. A player will get a warning after 5 technical fouls committed. The suspension will be granted after seven technical fouls. It is important to note that if a player is ejected from a game is different from suspension, a player can be ejected after one or two unsportsmanlike fouls