It goes without saying that there's no such thing as 'replacing' a player like Anthony Davis. Then again, the show must go on and a team like the Los Angeles Lakers just can't afford to be without one of their best players for long. They're the reigning NBA champions and Rob Pelinka has shown that he won't hesitate to pull the trigger and make the moves he has to make to improve their roster. That being said, there's a bit of a shortage of options when it comes to the available talent around the league right now.

LeBron James needs a sidekick and the Lakers can't replace Davis' impact on both ends of the floor. What they can do is add a solid rim protector and rebounder, or a guy that could give them at least half of his offensive production night in and night out. 

They have a deep roster and players that have to step up with Davis out of the lineup but still, adding a couple of extra pieces won't hurt their chances to win back-to-back rings. So, now that Davis is reportedly going to miss most of the season, check out the top 5 players they should at least consider.

Top 5 Candidates To Replace Anthony Davis

5. Mo Bamba

Mo Bamba. (Getty)

It seems like people have given up on Mo Bamba already but he's just 22 years old. He's struggled with injuries and Covid-19 but he's never gotten an actual chance to showcase his talents with Nikola Vucevic around. He looked poised to become a superstar when Orlando drafted him with the 6th overall pick.

Bamba isn't much of a scoring threat outside of playing above the rim but he's got the length and skillset to become a dominant rebounder and rim protector. He's not getting many minutes and could be a cheap option with a nice upside for the future, as Marc Gasol isn't getting any younger.

4. Thad Young

Thad Young. (Getty)

Thad Young is unlikely to finish the season with the Chicago Bulls, especially if they slide in the standings. The Bulls are looking to get younger and, while Thad's veteran leadership has been great for them, they still need to unleash Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr when they're healthy.

Young is a solid playmaker and a guy that could play both forward spots and some center. He's an above-average defender and quite a smart player, and the Lakers wouldn't have to give up too much to land him.

3. Hassan Whiteside

Hassan Whiteside. (Getty)

Hassan Whiteside isn't exactly a winner but he's a proven rebounder and shot-blocker in the league. His drive goes on and off and it seems like he doesn't actually care about the scoreboard but perhaps, all he needs is a winning environment to finally start putting up the work.

Whiteside is falling in and out of Luke Walton's rotation in Sacramento so it's not like they consider him to be irreplaceable. He's a solid rim protector and an athletic freak, and he could work either with the second unit as Dwight Howard did last year or even replace Marc Gasol.

2. Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin. (Getty)

Blake Griffin isn't going to suit up for the Detroit Pistons until they figure his future out. The catch is that no team in the league is going to absorb his massive contract unless they attach a plethora of picks to it, which seems unlikely given that they're also trying to gather picks and rebuild.

Griffin is likely going to be bought out and become a free agent. He's playing the worst basketball of his career right now but it's not like he's been actually motivated at Motor City. Also, he's got a bit of a feud with the Los Angeles Clippers, so this would be perfect revenge for him. He's proven as a playmaker, rebounder, and scorer, and was an All-Star not so long ago.

1. Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond. (Getty)

Like Griffin, Andre Drummond isn't going to play a single more minute with his respective team. The Cleveland Cavaliers are also looking to trade him but, like Griffin; they're going to have a tough time moving a big contract, especially with him set to become a free agent at the end of the season.

Drummond has been the best rebounder in the NBA for the past five years or so. He's made great strides as a defender in the post and below the rim as well, and adding him to an already impressive roster would make them once again the team to beat around the league.