Boston Celtics were lethal for most of the series against the Atlanta Hawks, they were big favorites and they showed it from the first game. But the Hawks stopped the Celtics in Game 5 by 119-117.

Even though the Hawks have a new head coach, Quin Snyder, that wasn't enough to stop the Celtics during the early games of the series.

As division winners the Celtics played one of the best rosters in the Eastern Conference, but they still must play and win a 6th game against the Hawks if they want to play in the conference semifinals.

Memes and reactions to Hawks win over the Celtics 119-117

The social media was harsh against the Celtics, the critics wasted no time in pointing to the culprits of losing a game where they were dominant from the first quarter.

The good news is that the Hawks now have a new head coach and it is likely that he will stay with the team for a long time to improve the strategy next season.