The 2023 NBA Season has been a roller coaster for the Lakers and their playoff chances. After the All-Star break, Los Angeles had a 27-32 record and no one gave them a real shot. Then, to make things even worse, LeBron James had a foot injury.

However, the Lakers' front office didn't give up on the season and made a move which changed everything. Los Angeles traded Russell Westbrook to Utah (who ended with the Clippers) and acquired D'Angelo Russell from Minnesota. That decision, combined with great perfomances by Anthony Davis and Austin Reaves, kept the team alive.


Now, after LeBron James came back, Los Angeles controlled their destiny to be in the postseason. Nevertheless, in a very crowded Western Conference, their hopes could have been easily derailed. Read here to find out if the Lakers remain in contention for the 2023 playoffs in the NBA.

NBA 2023: Did the Los Angeles Lakers make the playoffs?

The Lakers and LeBron James officially made the playoffs thanks to a 108-102 overtime win against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Los Angeles couldn't clinch a berth as one of the top-six seeds in the Western Conference, but, took care of business at the play-in tournament.

As the 7th seed, the Los Angeles Lakers just needed a win in their two possible chances. They made it right away in their first one thanks to that thrilling victory against Minnesota. LeBron James had 30 points and Anthony Davis collaborated with 24.


Now, the Los Angeles Lakers will face the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round of the 2023 NBA playoffs. The series represents a blockbuster matchup between two of the biggests stars in the sport: LeBron James and Ja Morant