One of the most anticipated returns for the 2022-2023 NBA Season was Zion Williamson. In fact, Shaquille O'Neal had something to say about his new physique previous to it. However, as the New Orleans Pelicans have performed over the limits so far, maybe the criticism has lowered a little.

In fact, Williamson has been a key player for the Pelicans, as they have clinched the 1st place of the West. In fact, Zion Williamson has averaged 25.0 points, 7.2 rebounds and 4.2 assists in 21 games this season to be offensive leader for the team managed by Willie Green.

In the last back-to-back matchup against the Phoenix Suns, the end was heated as Williamson got a super dunk in the last second of the game. That didn't sit well with Chris Paul, DeAndre Ayton, among others, but at the end, Zion's showing off his power at this moment.

NBA News: Shaq makes bold statement about Zion Williamson's performance

Earlier in the season, Shaquille O'Neal said Zion Williamson needed to be ready to play against bigger players as Williamson got thinner, as well as take care as much as he could to avoid injuries. However, none of those things happened yet. In fact, he has been so dominant that Shaq made a huge comparison in an interview with Yahoo Sports.

"He's probably a little bit more explosive than I was." Shaq mentioned. "He's playing great, he's doing what he's supposed to do, as the number one of the West (Conference). I like what he did the other day. Point one second I don't care, I am going to throw it for the fans. he said about Zion's dunk in the last minute against the Phoenix Suns.

He mentioned his current form and performance after his return as well. "Talking about his size, I know that conversation. They want all big guys to be skinny, but when you are a big guy, and you can move like that, do what you do. He's playing by the numbers, I wish young fellow well.