The Boston Celtics won the 4th game of the series against the Atlanta Hawks in what was a display of good offensive work that ended 129-121.

Jaylen Brown is one of the Celtics players that averages over 20+ points per game, during the regular season he averaged 26.6 PPG while in the playoffs he is scoring 20.7 PPG.

The Celtics won the first two games of the series against the Atlanta Hawks, both games were at home, but the third game was painful, they lost that game 122-130.

How well did Jaylen Brown play without the mask during Game 4?

Compared to Game 3 where Brown only scored 15 points, 7-15 FG and 0-4 threes, that game was a disaster for him. Things were different during Game 4, Brown scored 31 points, 12-22 FG, 3-4 threes and played 42+ minutes.

Another player who scored 31 points during Game 4 against the Hawks was Jayson Tatum with 31 points, while Derrick White and Marcus Smart scored 18 and 19 points respectively.

The Celtics return home to continue with Round 1, they will play on April 25 against Atlanta and if necessary a seventh game on April 29.