There was a time when there was a legit debate about whether Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James should be the first-overall pick in the NBA Draft. Now, the veteran isn't even playing in the league anymore.

Melo had an outstanding career, yet it seems like he never got the respect he deserved. He's one of the finest scorers to ever grace the game of basketball, and it's sad to see him go out like this.

So, with Kevin Durant reportedly pushing the Phoenix Suns to sign him, and multiple teams still having an open roster spot, let's take a look at the teams that could benefit the most from him.

NBA Rumors: 3 Teams That Should Sign Carmelo Anthony

3. Miami Heat

Pat Riley couldn't upgrade his roster at the trade deadline because he was sleeping. He did add Kevin Love from the buyout market, but it seems like there's still more work to do at South Beach.

The Miami Heat failed to land stars since last offseason, and while Carmelo Anthony is no longer an All-Star-caliber player, he could at least take some shots off Tyler Herro and Jimmy Butler to help them carry the load on offense.

2. New York Knicks

For years, we've wanted to see Carmelo Anthony play at Madison Square Garden again. He left the New York Knicks on a very low note, and it's evident that Phil Jackson did him dirty and used him as a scapegoat.

The Knicks need to do right by Melo and bring him back for the remainder of the season. They're a borderline playoff team, and could sure use a veteran with postseason experience and shot-making skills.

1. Phoenix Suns

And last but not least, this one's pretty much self-explanatory. Kevin Durant wants his team to sign Carmelo Anthony, and he usually gets whatever he wants. At least, that's how things went down in Brooklyn.

Carmelo is close friends with Chris Paul. The Phoenix Suns are now the top candidate to go the distance and win an NBA championship, and we all know Melo and CP3 deserve to go out as champions.