The NBA trade deadline continues to zoom in. The final stretch of the season and the All-Star Game are right ahead of us, so it's just a matter of time before the two best teams fight for the NBA championship.

Multiple teams will look to strengthen their ranks. Several stars will be up for grabs as struggling teams want to offload their veterans and recoup Draft picks, so we expect a lot of players to be on the move.

With the Houston Rockets giving up on the season already, veteran guard Eric Gordon might finally leave to join a championship contender. Here, we let you know about the three teams that could get him.

NBA Rumors: Potential Destinations For Eric Gordon

3. Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns had been one of the most dominant forces in the Western Conference over the past couple of seasons, but injuries and some alleged locker-room issues have taken a toll on that.

Monty Williams needs someone to fill in for Jae Crowder's defense and shooting. With that in mind, they could target someone like Eric Gordon, who'd provide some much-needed floor-spacing.

2. Milwaukee Bucks

People continue to sleep on the Milwaukee Bucks. But Mike Budenholzer's team is still one of the most consistent in the Eastern Conference, and a perennial threat to knock contenders out in the playoffs.

But Khris Middleton has been out with an injury, and the Bucks desperately crave someone who could stretch the floor with his sharpshooting skills. That's where Eric Gordon comes in handy.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

And last but not least, we find the Los Angeles Lakers at the top of this list. They've struggled to get three-point shots to fall, and he's been tied with a move to Arena for a couple of seasons now.

Lakers GM Rob Pelinka claimed that he's not done making moves after trading for Rui Hachimura last week. Matching Gordon's salary could be a tricky task, but they have enough assets to pull it off.