Leaving the Golden State Warriors seemed to be a possibility for Draymond Green, but that’s part of the past now. The 33-year-old agreed to a massive contract extension this offseason, so the Dubs’ core is untouched.

It took a four-year, $100 million contract to make sure the big man stays in the Bay area, but it’s safe to say he has won it. While Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson often take the limelight, Green’s job is equally as important for the team.

Andre Iguodala, who knows a thing or two about the Warriors, is convinced about Green’s importance for the Warriors. In an appearance on the Gil’s Arena podcast, he explained how his former teammate plays a big role in Golden State’s success.

Andre Iguodala calls Draymond Green a genius

“He basically covering up everybody else’s weaknesses,” Iguodala said. “That’s what he’s brilliant at and he knows everything. He’s in tune with the game, he knows everybody’s plays.

“He knows what they come with the first play out of the timeout. He knows the first play coming out of each quarter and players don’t think like that anymore. He’s on another level up there. And when I sit back and watch it sometimes, I’m like, ‘Listen, y’all can say whatever y’all want to about this man, but it’s like a genius there.”

Green is one of the reasons the Warriors found so much success in recent years, so it’s refreshing when a player of his caliber gets the recognition he deserves. Now, he’ll try to help the team win more rings before hanging them up.