The Ball Brothers have been hyped for a very long time. In fact, the "least" talented brother LaMelo was the one who turned out to be the best among them. Even so, with Lonzo injured, the oldest of the Ball brothers didn't showed any dominance at all. Now, the 'Ball' will be given to LiAngelo to play for the first time in the National Basketball Association, next season.

In the past week, LiAngelo Ball signed a 1-year deal with the Charlotte Hortnets to play for them with a salary of $1,017,781 dollars, according to the specialized site, Spotrac. So, after 4 years in the league, LaMelo will have his older brother with him. 

In fact, LiAngelo already played for Michael Jordan's franchise, but was cut right before the last season. Then, he went to the NBA G League's draft and spent the last season as a Greensboro Swarm player. There, LiAngelo got the chance to show off his skills and earned his way back to the Hortnets.

NBA: Ball Brothers and similar cases who played together in the NBA

Now that the two of the three Ball Brothers will join forces to play for the Charlotte Hornets, its time to review other pair of brothers who did the same at least for one season in the National Basketball Association. This is tiny list is composed by brothers who played together in the same franchise, not only in the NBA.

For example, Marcus and Markieff Morris played together for two and half seasons in the Phoenix Suns, then, Marcus was traded away to the Detroit Pistons. Then, there's Justin and Jrue Holiday, who managed to play together in the Philadelphia 76ers for one season.

 Also, there's the Lopez brothers Robin and Brook who played together in the Milwaukee Bucks for a season. Finally, the Antetokounmpo brothers who managed to win an NBA Championship with the Bucks in 2021, while their brother Thanasis won with the Los Angeles  Lakers.