There are players that every fan would have loved to watch playing in person. It happens in any sport, in every competition. In NBA, most of the current fans couldn't see the amazing Boston Celtics that left a mark in the game's history. Bill Russell is a legend that featured in those years.

He was such an important player that he's one of those cases which lots of fans regret not having the chance to see on the court. The former center was part of that Celtics dynasty and he even spent his entire playing career in that franchise.  

Russell played for 13 years in Boston, from 1956 to 1969. He didn't need to play anywhere else. There he achieved all the amazing records that explain for itself what a superb player he was. Five-time NBA MVP, 12-time All-Star, and an NBA champion with the Celtics on many occasions. Here we'll take a look into Bill Russell's rings.

The rings won by Bill Russell with the Celtics dynasty

Bill Russell has 11 rings from his thriving spell in the Boston Celtics, where he was the leader of the famous dynasty during those years in the NBA. That's the greatest mark ever in the league, making Bill Russell the player that won the most NBA championships in basketball history.

Bill Russell, the winningest player in NBA history (NBA).

His record seems extremely high for anyone to even get close. To have a more clear idea of what an amazing achievement this one is, the ones who are behind Russell in this list are all players from those Celtics too. Not even Michael Jordan and his legendary Chicago Bulls with six rings could repeat what that successful Boston did. 

Bill Russell and his eleven rings are enough to prove what a magnificent basketballer he was and how majestic that Boston Celtics team was as well. Even the NBA Finals MVP award was named after him since 2009. The former center is the winningest player ever in this game, and many people who were not able to see him in those years in person would have been glad to do so.