The Boston Celtics lost a crucial piece when they traded Marcus Smart to get Kristaps Porzingis. Besides the obvious impact, it could have a bit of a ripple effect on the team.

The latest reports state that Malcolm Brogdon isn’t exactly happy to see that his name popped out in trade rumors, and he hasn’t let go of that. On top of that, there’s a glaring need for depth at the point guard position.

That’s why, according to NBA insider Ramona Shelbourne, Joe Mazzulla’s coaching staff has decided to roll with Jayson Tatum at the point guard a lot more next season.

Celtics To Use Jayson Tatum At Point Guard

“Jayson Tatum is going to spend a lot of time at point guard,” Shelbourne reported. “When he was out here in Los Angeles, that was one of the things that he worked on. That’s frankly what he did quite a bit in the playoffs is initiate the offense. I think he plays even more of that role going forward this season.”

Tatum is a better passer and playmaker than people give him credit for, but that’s not exactly his biggest strength, and using him a lot in that spot could be a disservice to his game.

Perhaps the Celtics would be better off trying to acquire more playmakers in the trade market and let their best player do what he does best, which is getting buckets in bunches.