Back in the day, we didn't use to judge NBA players just by their rings and personal accolades. If that was the case, then people wouldn't talk about legends like John Stockton, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, or even more recently Allen Iverson.

Now, it's all about winning a ring. That's the only way to measure greatness according to some people, and that's why we're watching so many superstars team up to prove their legacy by winning an NBA championship, take the Brooklyn Nets for instance.

Other players like Damian Lillard just rather keep it old-school. They'd rather go ringless and stay true to a franchise for their entire careers rather than just jumping ships to get an easy road to the NBA Finals.

Obviously, that will eventually take a toll on the way some people look at him, and that's why a couple of haters tried to call him out on Twitter last night, making fun of him because of his lack of silverware.

Damian Lillard Claps Back At His Haters With Epic Responses

The Blazers star, however, was completely unbothered by those harsh comments. Instead, he decided to clap back at those haters by stating that - regardless of if he wins a ring or not - he'll still be a millionaire living at his best:

via Damian Lillard

"1. Gone touch 400M before I’m 35 ... end of soundtrack ... my kids only ppl who own me babyyyyyy let that marinate like neckbone juice," Lillard repsonded on Twitter to a guy saying that Stephen Curry owed him.

via Damian Lillard

"Facts. But when you all aren’t worried about me as a basketball player when I’m done... I will be living the greatest life with my family whether I do or not. Just know I put my best foot forward every night . I won’t think of you," Lillard told another follower.

Well, that pretty much says it all. You may like or dislike a basketball player but he'll still be a millionaire before turning 40. Hopefully, tho, his loyalty will be rewarded down the line with a ring.