Ever since he set foot on an NBA hardwood, LeBron James has had to deal with a lot of things. From boos, jeers, curses, to even big posters of him crying. The Los Angeles Lakers star has seen and heard it all.

James had to endure people talking about his mother's alleged affair with teammate Delonte West, he had to deal with people calling him out over his silence on China, and he's never said anything about that.

But everything has a limit, and a couple of fans in Indianapolis simply crossed the line, which is why The King got them ejected out of the arena when his Lakers visited the Indiana Pacers last night.

Ejected Pacers Fans Told LeBron They Hoped Bronny Died

James was clearly upset and disgusted by what the fans told him, so he reached out to the referees to get them kicked out immediately. When asked about the situation, he claimed they made some intolerable comments:

“There’s a difference between cheering on your home faithful… and then there’s moments where it goes outside the lines,” LeBron James said after the game, as quoted by ClutchPoints. “When obscene gestures and language come into it — can’t be tolerated.”

The internet quickly came to James' rescue, with a couple of fans in attendance confirming on YouTube and social media that the fans said some terrible things about his elder son Bronny, and they had nothing to do with his weed-related incident from last year:

"I was there... it was more than those two but they were the loudest. The girl said "I hope Bronny dies in a car wreck," the guy kept chirping like a chicken sound "Bronny's a bih bih bih." It was very weird and they were asked by staff to cool it once or twice," one the fans wrote.

If that's true, then James had every right to take them out of the game. There's no room for that, that's completely uncalled for and shouldn't be tolerated by any means. Also, they would never say that to his face if they saw him on the street.