Jimmy Butler once again proved why he’s one of the most beloved players in today’s NBA. The Miami Heat star put the team on his back last season, almost taking the franchise to a long-awaited championship.

The 33-year-old had his foot on the gas from the beginning of the playoffs and did not let up. Butler stepped up when it mattered the most, scoring crucial points to keep his team’s aspirations alive.

His fantastic performances drew comparisons with other Heat legends, as he looks destined to have his jersey retired in South Florida. But according to Andre Iguodala, Butler also reminds him of Kobe Bryant.

Andre Iguodala says Jimmy Butler’s mentality reminds him of Kobe Bryant

You always look back and say ‘how is Jimmy getting it done?’ He can’t shoot threes, can’t go left. Whatever they say about Jimmy he figured it out,” Iguodala said on the Gil’s Arena podcast.

“I see him dribble with the right hand left and pull-up for three against Milwaukee this year. He’s probably the closest that I’ve seen to Kobe Bryant with that mentality of just man, Jimmy will figure out a way for us to win… This dude got a Kobe Bryant will.”

Butler definitely has something special apart from his talent, and that’s his competitive nature. While any Kobe comparisons will always make noise, the Heat star certainly has a desire to win that makes those around him better.