Giannis Antetokounmpo has become one of the biggest talking points in NBA circles right now. His words about not signing an extension with the Milwaukee Bucks led to all kinds of speculation.

The Greek Freak made it loud and clear that he doesn’t plan to sign an extension unless he feels like everybody’s on the same page. Moreover, he stated that he won’t do it this season because it just doesn’t make sense financially.

However, despite all speculation about the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers being ready to jump the gun and make a move for him, a Western Conference executive explained to Heavy why that’s simply not possible.

Knicks And Lakers Can’t Trade For Giannis

They will need to get lucky somewhere along the line if there is going to be a trade, and the fact is, it’s always a trade now, it’s never really free agency,” the GM said. “But everyone talks like the Knicks have this giant pile of picks. They don’t. They have three heavily protected picks and probably none of them get you in the Top 10. Those are nice, but that kind of protection is not going to get you Giannis.”

“If LeBron decides to stay with the Lakers and he’s there past 2025–which is probably going to happen–you really can’t get Giannis to the Lakers in that situation,” the GM continued. “It’d be tough.”

“Another executive, with a Western Conference team, pointed out that Antetokounmpo is less enamored of big markets than other major stars, and that the teams poised to make a trade for him – if it comes to that point – are not in places NBA fans might normally expect a star trade,” the report added.

When Does Giannis Contract Run Out?

Giannis Antetokounmpo is entering the third season of the five-year, $228 million extension he signed, so he still has two years left under contract with the Milwaukee Bucks.