California is a huge state and even though it may sound crazy to some, there are a lot of people who don't know how many NBA teams are in California, especially considering how invested the state is in sports.

Lakers, Dodgers, 49ers; California has it all. The state has always been tied to a winning tradition and players feel that desire and responsibility to compete at the highest level every time they sign with a team from Cali.

But, how many NBA teams currently represent the West-side's finest? How many NBA teams have ever played in the Golden State? Let's walk you through the ultimate guide of the NBA teams in California.

Current NBA teams in California:

Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant, 5-time NBA Champion. (Getty)

Founded: 1947
Former Names: Minneapolis Lakers (1947–1960), Los Angeles Lakers (1960-Present)
Arena: Staples Center
Location: Los Angeles, California
Hall of Famers: 30 (26 players, 4 coaches)
Championships: 16 (1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1972, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010)

The Los Angeles Lakers have a rich history in the NBA. They're one of the most popular teams in the world and the second-winningest franchise in NBA history, so they're clearly the biggest pride of California in terms of success.

The 'Purple and Gold' have always been a synonym to high standards. Just top-tier players make their way to the Staples Center and we couldn't think of a bigger honor than having the team retire your jersey. Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, and now LeBron James are just some of the superstars that have played for them.

Los Angeles Clippers

Kawhi Leonard & Paul George. (Getty)

Founded: 1970
Former Names: Buffalo Braves (1970-78), San Diego Clippers (1978-84), Los Angeles Clippers (1984-Present)
Arena: Staples Center
Location: Los Angeles, California
Hall of Famers: 10 (7 players, 3 coaches)
Championships: 0

The Los Angeles Clippers were founded in Buffalo, New York, before being swapped with the Boston Celtics' owner and relocated to San Diego. Then, the team decided to relocate again to Los Angeles, staying within the confines of the state.

The Clippers have had a poor history and some subpar performances throughout the years. Now, they're finally developing a winning culture, will have an arena of their own to try and lure some younger fans, and have one of the strongest teams in the Western Conference. They're yet to play in the NBA Finals.

Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry, 2-time MVP. (Getty)

Founded: 1946
Former Names: Philadelphia Warriors (1946-62), San Francisco Warriors (1962-71), Golden State Warriors (1971-Present)
Arena: Chase Center
Location: San Francisco, California
Hall of Famers: 24 (19 players, 5 coaches)
Championships: 6 (1947, 1956, 1975, 2015, 2017, 2018)

The Golden State Warriors moved from Philadelphia in the early-'60s. They played in San Francisco before relocating to Oakland in the '70s, and how now gone back to SF to play in their brand new arena, the Chase Center. 

The Warriors had some serious struggles to compete over the past couple of decades. But now that Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr have led them to 5 Finals in 6 seasons, the team is one of the most popular and profitable franchises in the world. Hopefully, the Dubs will be able to keep the momentum going.

Sacramento Kings

Doug Christie, Chris Webber & Mike Bibby. (Getty)

Founded: 1923
Former Names: Rochester Seagrams (1923-42), Rochester Eber Seagrams (1942-43), Rochester Pros (1943-45), Rochester Royals (1945-57), Cincinnati Royals (1957-72), Kansas City-Omaha Kings (1972-75), Kansas City Kings (1975-85), Sacramento Kings (1985-Present)
Arena: Golden 1 Center
Location: Sacramento, California
Hall of Famers: 18 (16 players, 2 coach)
Championships: 1 (1951)

The Sacramento Kings have been poorly managed since their very first days. The team has gone through multiple relocations from Rochester, to Cincinnati, to Kansas City, until they finally settled in Sacramento, although with little-to-none success.

The Kings were even a candidate for another relocation a couple of years ago but the team eventually stood put. They've had some tough years and their strongest team had the tough lock to coexist with the Lakers and Spurs' dynasties. They haven't made the playoffs since 2006.

Former / relocated NBA teams in California:

San Diego Rockets (1967-71)

Elvin Hayes playing for the San Diego Rockets. (Getty)

The Houston Rockets were actually born in San Diego. The name came from the production of the 'Atlas' rockets in the city and later stood because the team moved to the 'Space City'. The Rockets had somewhat successful years during his brief stint in California but poor attendance and lack of profitability eventually forced the owners to sell - and relocate- the team.