The Indiana Pacers are at a crossroads, losers of three straight, the team sits fifth in the NBA Eastern Conference with a .500 record of 12-12. The Pacers have lost three straight to the Jazz, Pelicans, and Bucks and have looked a bit overwhelmed since two of their players have been hit by injuries. T.J. Warren and Caris LeVert are both out of action and while Warren has yet to prove himself defensively, fans are raising their eyebrows at LeVert who was brought in after an MRI discovered he had a mass on his kidney. LeVert may be out of action for most of the season as he recovers from surgery that had the mass removed. Question marks still remain as to how much of an impact LeVert will have on the team when he does return and how he fits with the current set up.

Against the Utah Jazz, the Pacers were all about hitting two pointers while the Jazz were getting all their three’s. Domantas Sabonis was the team's best offensive player with 20 points, but it was not enough to get the Pacers to the finish line and the team wilted 103-95.

The Pacers will now set their sights on Wednesday where they will have to face the Brooklyn Nets in a game that could end the skid and help the team jump up the standings in the NBA East. The question still remains, who will step up for the Pacers?

Indiana Pacers looking for someone to step up to end the streak

All eyes land on Domantas Sabonis, who has been a consistent point earner, but the team needs the 24-year-old to start hitting more three pointers, he and Malcolm Brogdon were just 14 for 39 from the three point line against the Jazz.

While both Sabonis and Brogdon, two of the team's main offensive weapons, need to start hitting better three’s so does Justin Holiday need to step up to pick up the slack left behind by the starters. The 31-year-old champion did have a magical night against the Pelicans, hitting 22 points, but the Pacers will need more of that and less than the average 8 points from last season.

The only player who seems to be in another galaxy is Myles Turner, who has been one of, if not, the best defensive player in the NBA this season. Although his offensive numbers are not his best strength, the Pacers would be in no man’s land without Turner’s defensive play.