It's been a tough couple of months for the Los Angeles Lakers. They went from clear-cut favorites to reach the NBA Finals to a borderline playoff team, and their reinforcements have done little to help their case.

The trade deadline is just weeks away and people around the league expect Rob Pelinka to be quite aggressive in the market. Then again, there's only so much they can do with the assets they have right now.

LeBron James has played outstandingly more often than not. Nonetheless, former Lakers big man Kwame Brown is far from impressed with it. Recently, he called him out for trying to play like Stephen Curry and take a lot of three-pointers.

Kwame Brown Slams LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers Again

“You’re not gonna win coming off screens shooting threes all day long,” Brown said, as quoted by ClutchPoints. “It ain’t working yet.”

“I know if I was a big man on that team I would just run up and down, foul, and get the hell up out of there," Brown added. "Because they know they’re not wanted. They know y’all not using them the right way. If I could be a fly on that wall in that locker room I know them people sitting around like ‘this is some bullsh*t.'”

"Dwight Howard, poor Dwight Howard. He come off the bench cold as I don’t know what. Dude been rolling, getting layups all day and then you expect a 30-plus-year-old man to come off the bench after sitting that long ready to go and play some defense. Yeah good luck with that," the former Wizards big man concluded.


This isn't the first time Brown calls out the Lakers this season, albeit he's remembered as one of the worst players in the history of the franchise. If that doesn't speak volumes of the team's struggles, then I don't know what will.