It's not a secret that LeBron James has always been a polarizing figure. First, it was in the NBA because of his comparisons to Michael Jordan. But now, it's also off the court given his political stance and role as a philantropist.

James has made plenty of enemies lately. He's taken a stand against former President Donald Trump and some around the Republican Party, which has obviously led to a lot of backlash around social media.

That's why it wasn't surprising to see confessed Trump supporter Colby Covington take multiple shots at him last year. And, even though James was unfazed by his comments, he continues to call him out to this day.

Colby Covington Says LeBron James Is A Chinese Puppet Master

“Just a big hypocrite,” Covington said in an interview.He talks about his two biggest things he loves to talk about equality and justice. Where’s the equality of employing women in Chinese sweatshops to make your merchandise for millions of dollars while they’re making pennies? Where’s the equality in that?

“Where’s the justice in critiquing the greatest country on God’s green Earth America but not talking about Hong Kong, not talking about the Uyghurs in China? He stays silent on everything in China because he’s a Chinese puppet master.”


Covington isn't the first - and certainly won't be the last - to call out LeBron for his silence on the Hong Kong controversy. It's not a secret that he's made most of his money thanks to his endorsement deal with Nike and speaking his mind about that issue would be counterproductive.

Then again, James has done plenty for his community to earn his stripes and the right to not just shut up and dribble. You may or may not be a fan of his or his political views, but at least he's done... something.