Phoenix Suns’ point guard Chris Paul has responded to LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard and all the players that criticized the NBA for trying to carry out the All-Star Game this season, months after they assured the players and public that no ASG will be held this season due to COVID-19 issues. Well, last week the league announced the event will be taking place in Atlanta and the players with the most votes on the ballot will travel to the city to make a presence in the big game. 

As stated before, that decision didn’t sit well with plenty of players around the league and the Los Angeles Lakers superstar was one of those showing his discomfort with the upcoming game, explaining that players already had a lot of things to do this season and the league had stated they weren’t doing this. 

Well, as Kawhi Leonard said, there is money on the line here and the league will try to present a good product for all the fans around the world. When they thought they were going to take some rest, a lot of players will have to travel to play in this match. 

Chris Paul explains why he’s supporting the 2021 All-Star Game 

CP3 recently addressed this situation, admitting that players have voices and opinions and they’re free to express them, but he’s always looking at the bigger picture and trying to get the 450 players of the league involved in the decisions of the union. 

“There’s different situations,” Paul said, via Dan Feldman of Pro Basketball Talk. “But guys who’ve been playing a lot of games who haven’t really had much of a break. I’m sure I’m not the only guy in the league that lives without their family. And so guys look at that break as an opportunity to see their families. It’s a lot of different things going on right now. But you just hope that guys understand that decisions that are being made – especially as far as, the union has always got the full body of players in mind. But emotions happen. Guys have feelings. And you’ve got to be able to express them. And I respect that.”

Bron said this was a “slap in the face” and Giannis echoed his comments. Carmelo Anthony, Kemba Walker, and more players supported the King’s claims about this game, but it doesn’t seem like that will change the league’s mind on this topic. 

They will have to do a great job to make everyone safe at the StateFarm Arena and not put anybody at risk during that weekend. As for now, the “bigger” voices of the game aren’t happy with this decision and nobody knows how the league will handle this situation.