Damian Lillard has been tied to multiple NBA trade rumors for the past couple of years. The Portland Trail Blazers aren't truly competitive and he's one of the best players on Earth, so that's not much of a surprise.

It seems like the never-ending cycle is always the same. The Blazers start losing, CJ McCollum doesn't live up to what the team need, and people talk about how they should trade him or Lillard should demand a trade.

Recently, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN said that the Philadelphia 76ers and some other teams are interested in trading for him. However, it seems like the Blazers star isn't ready to call it quits yet.

NBA Rumors: Sixers And Multiple Teams Want To Trade For Damian Lillard

"Three teams with interest in Lillard told ESPN that they are waiting on him to make an offseason trade demand before calling Portland," reported Wojnarowski. "If Lillard asks out, they know the Blazers will lose some leverage in the asking price -- and are waiting on it. Philadelphia made an offer, but New York never did, league sources said."


Lillard Admits He's Frustrated, Says He Doesn't Want To Get Traded

Lillard recently told The Undefeated that, even though he's frustrated, that doesn't mean he wants to be traded. If anything, he's also holding himself accountable for the team's tough stretch:

(Transcript via Fadeaway World)

“We have a new offense. A new style. A new way of playing,” Lillard said. “Me being the leader, I have to overly buy in. I have to show I am committed to that regardless of what it looks like for me, even if I’m struggling offensively to find my spots, to find my way in the offense. Even if I’m missing shots, I got to be the person to show the most buy-in to get everyone to buy in.

“People are saying, ‘Dame is frustrated.’ I am frustrated with losing and not playing my best. But that doesn’t mean I’m sour on my team and I’m looking elsewhere. … That has never been me. This isn’t my first time being in a tough situation.”

At the end of the day, Lillard and the Blazers will likely have to mutually agree to part ways. This situation doesn't seem sustainable and Lillard is just too good to continue wasting his talents.