Kevin Durant's trade request was a major surprise to most people around the NBA. Not only would his reputation take another hit, but the Brooklyn Nets have gone to great lengths to keep him happy.

Durant eventually realized that he didn't have all that leverage. He couldn't force his way out, nor could he get Steve Nash, and Sean Marks fired. Simply put, he had no choice but to swallow his pride and run it back in Brooklyn.

But some around the league believe that we still haven't heard the last of this. That includes NBA analyst Ric Bucher, who said on his 'On The Ball' podcast that Durant is likely to demand a trade again at some point in the season.

NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Could Request A Trade Again

"Under the circumstances, I don't know of anyone who could have navigated all the turmoil, injuries, and distractions the Nets went through last season," Bucher said. "It's all going to be how they start the season, and their first most is brutal."

"I just don't see how they get out of the gate on the kind of roll that galvanizes the league," Bucher added. "And just imagine they lose the first five games, they go 0-5. Do you think KD and Kyrie are going to be rallying the troops?"

"I just don't know how they get out of the gate in a way that is going to alleviate all the issues that are just waiting there to bubble up. It's far more likely that the Nets are going to struggle," Bucher concluded. "KD is going to reiterate his trade demand at some point. And Kyrie Irving is going to follow suit and this team is going to erode the same way it did last year."

This theory makes plenty of sense. Kyrie Irving is in the final year of his contract, so the Nets could look to move him at some point. Also, it's clear that Durant isn't all that committed to the organization, so watching him ask for a trade again wouldn't be much of a shocker.