The Brooklyn Nets took a clear stance with Kyrie Irving. They didn't offer him a contract extension and claimed that they only wanted players who were committed to leading them to an NBA championship.

As spiritual as he claims to be, Kyrie wasn't going to leave $30+ million on the table, so he opted in on the final year of his contract, knowing that the team didn't want him there. So much for avoiding toxic vibes.

Still, reports stated that he was looking forwad to a reunion with LeBron James, but the Lakers failed to trade for him. So now, HoopsHype reports that Kyrie is finally invested in playing for the Nets and prove that he's still worthy of a lucrative deal.

NBA Rumors: Kyrie Is 'Invested' In Playing For The Brooklyn Nets

"I think Kyrie is invested in being a Brooklyn Net next year. Obviously, there was some turmoil with his contract extension not happening. He realizes his best path going forward to get the contract he wants in Brooklyn or elsewhere is to have a very good season. From what I can gather, it appears that he and the Nets are looking forward to meeting up in training camp," read the report.


Nets Want To Run It Back With Nash, Kyrie, And Kevin Durant

That's similar to what the Nets are thinking right now. According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, they want to run it back with the same team next season regardless of Durant's desire to be traded:

"Right now, I think the Nets want to run this team back and they're hoping Kevin Durant agrees," said Windhorst. "The way they're conducting trade talks and the prices they are asking has teams out there thinking they don't really want to trade Kevin Durant anyway. They want to bring this team back. We'll see if Kevin Durant goes along with that in training camp."

The Nets should be in no rush to get a deal done. Then again, Durant could still threaten to hold out and lower his trade value to try and force a move. So, stay tuned to see how this never-ending drama will unfold.