From day one, it was clear that Ben Simmons didn't like to be told what to do. Multiple NBA scouts, analysts, insiders, and even fans suggested that he shot with his left hand. Yet, the Philadelphia 76ers star was always adamant to listen to advice.

Now, even though he was one of the main responsible behind yet another Sixers meltdown in the playoffs. Simmons didn't like to be singled out and, rather try and silence his critics, he's forcing his way out of Philly.

According to a report by Keith Pompey, Simmons' desire to leave the Sixers doesn't have anything to do with fit. It's just that he's in his feelings because Doc Rivers threw him under the bus.

NBA Rumors: Doc Rivers' Comments On Ben Simmons Prompted His Desire To Leave

“I don’t know the answer to that right now,” coach Rivers said when he was asked whether Ben Simmons could be the starting PG of a championship team after his mental breakdown vs. the Atlanta Hawks.

Rivers should've known better and had no right to call his player out in public, we can all agree on that. But maybe, the best way to settle that isn't by ghosting the team and refusing to attend training camp:

“There are teams that are interested in Ben Simmons, they just don’t want to pay the steep price,” Sixers writer Keith Pompey said on 97.5 The Fanatic. “Ben Simmons knows that, so they are saying why should we help the 76ers out when they feel like when Doc Rivers said what he said, nobody apologized, and Doc was never reprimanded. Ben is upset, he feels like Doc threw him under the bus when Doc was asked if he was a starting championship PG and he said I don't know."

It didn't take long before Rivers backpedal from his reckless comments. He said that Simmons doesn't need that much fixing and that he was looking forward to having him back on the team next season:

“Ben’s great,” Rivers said. “I want him back. He’s terrific. He’ll be great. I think he doesn’t need a lot of fixing. He’s gonna be great for us. He’ll be great.”

Rivers was out of line with his comments, as true as they may or may not be. Simmons has every right to be upset. But bailing out on the team you let down over and over just because you're in your feelings says a lot about your character.

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