The Golden State Warriors would never accomplish this much without Draymond Green. He's been their heart and soul, their competitive beast, and the guy whose skill set has allowed the Splash Brothers to thrive.

But all good things come to an end. Green reportedly wants the Warriors to give him a four-year max contract extension this summer, and the franchise has shown no indication of having that on their plans.

So, with rumors of Green potentially looking to take his talents elsewhere, an Eastern Conference executive told Heavy's Sean Deveney to consider the Detroit Pistons as a potential destination.

NBA Rumors: Draymond Green Wants To Play For The Pistons

(Transcript via Heavy)

“Draymond has always wanted to go there, he has always wanted to play for the Pistons. And they’ll have the cap space. It’s hard to see Draymond playing anywhere else outside Golden State but if it going to happen anywhere, Detroit would be a good bet,” the executive told Deveney.

“Detroit has always wanted Draymond on that team, (owner Tom) Gores has always wished they had gotten him in that (2012) draft in the second round (Green was gone when the Pistons picked, and they took Khris Middleton),” the executive explained to Deveney. Gores is a Michigan State guy, and they wanted to give Draymond an offer sheet when he was a free agent (in 2015), but by then, the Warriors were going to match any offer. So they just have not had the chance. If they can show some improvement this year with their young guys, they could get themselves in the mix.”


This sure makes sense. Green was born and raised in Michigan and played for the MSU Spartans before joining the Warriors. Going back home would be a nice way to finish his career, and his hardnosed, physical defensive style sure fits the Pistons' lifelong culture.