In case there was any doubt about it, Stephen Curry has certainly proven this season that he's the best shooter the NBA has ever seen. Among his multiple records, the Golden State Warriors superstar has become the all-time leader in three-pointers scored in the league.

And it will probably take a long time for another player to take that record away from him. At 33, Curry continues to perform at his best as the Warriors look like strong contenders for the championship again. Having three NBA rings and two MVP awards under his belt, it's been a fantastic ride for Steph.

Especially if we consider how much he struggled during his early days in the NBA and how he was overlooked by Division I colleges. Davidson did offer him a scolarship, but according to Curry's college coach Bob McKillop it was not because of his talent.

This is how Stephen Curry impressed Davidson, per his college coach

“We went to see him play in Vegas in an AAU tournament the summer before his senior year," McKillop told GQ. "He played in one of the auxiliary gyms, not the main gym. There were very few people at the game, and even fewer coaches. I felt pretty good knowing that only a couple of guys were watching him. 

"And he was awful. He threw the ball into the stands, he dropped passes, he dribbled off his foot, he missed shots. But never once during that game did he blame an official, or point a finger at a teammate. He was always cheering from the bench, he looked in his coaches eyes, and he never flinched. That stuck with me.

Time eventually proved McKillop and Davidson's scouts right. That mentality has helped Curry overcame adversity throughout his career to become a true legend of the game. Before he began his NBA adventure, he left Davidson averaging 25.3 points per game over his three years in college to be selected by the Warriors with the seventh pick of the 2009 NBA Draft. And we all know what happened next.