Things seemed to have cooled down for the Brooklyn Nets who are expected to start the season with Kevin Durant on their roster. That was not the case as soon as the middle of the summer when it seemed that the 2-time NBA champion was on his way out of the team.

Kevin Durant recently stated that he was ‘committed’ to the Nets and their hopes to be one of the NBA’s best this season. The Nets have Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, and Durant to pin their hopes on.

In a press conference, head coach Steve Nash spoke about the issues during the offseason and answered questions on where he stands with Kevin Durant.

Steve Nash on relationship with Durant

“We’re good,” Nash said. “Ever since we talked, it’s been like nothing’s changed. I have a long history with Kevin. I love the guy. Families have issues. We had a moment and it’s behind us. That’s what happens. It’s a common situation in the league.”


Nash, continued, “I never thought that was 100 percent,” Nash said, per Friedell. “There was a lot of things. It’s not black and white like that, so there was a lot of factors. A lot of things behind the scenes. A lot of things reported are not accurate. A lot of things that are reported are not 100 percent accurate. So, you get fragmented bits of truth. You get things that are flat out not true. It happens. … So, I never really get caught up in all that stuff.”