It's been a while since the New York Knicks were a force in the Eastern Conference. They haven't won an NBA championship since 1973 and have lacked true star power since Carmelo Anthony left the building.

With that in mind, Leon Rose is set to swing for the fences and look for a marquee name in the offseason. The free-agent market isn't that deep but there could be multiple veterans up for grabs via trade. 

The Knicks have enough assets to at least make other teams pick up the phone and listen to their offers. That's why today, we'll take a look at the 3 All-Stars they could realistically target in a trade, from the least to the most likely.

NBA Trade Rumors: 3 All-Stars The Knicks Could Target This Offseason

3. Anthony Davis

Magic Johnson hinted at the possibility of the Los Angeles Lakers exploring the trade market for Anthony Davis. While undeniably one of the best two-way players in the game, his history with injuries could prompt Rob Pelinka to make a move, especially if a team has an interesting offer on the table.

The Knicks have swung and missed with big-name players for years but they could still find a way to keep R.J. Barrett and land A.D. That would make them a prime destination for other dominoes to fall in free agency. That, assuming the Lakers are indeed considering parting ways with him.

2. Nikola Vucevic

Nikola Vucevic was great in his first season with the Chicago Bulls but not so much in the second. His offensive contributions are always welcome but he doesn't seem like a good fit on a team desperately craving rim protection. For that reason alone, Arturas Karnisovas could consider moving on from him.

The Knicks are likely to lose Mitchell Robinson in free agency, so they could try and work on a sign-and-trade to send him to Chicago. The Bulls would get the rim protector they need and the Knicks would have a double-double threat who can stretch their offense. Also, having Vucevic around could allow them to explore trading Julius Randle.

1. Donovan Mitchell

The Utah Jazz could blow their roster up if they fail to advance in the playoffs. Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert don't mesh well together, and the Knicks have reportedly made him their top priority for the offseason. Leon Rose used to be his agent and he's a New York native, so the ties to the organization are obvious.

Mitchell hasn't hidden his frustration for the Jazz's lack of playoff success. He would have the green light to take as many shots as he wants at Madison Square Garden, and the Knicks have enough assets to get a deal done. Both teams need to reshape their roster to be legit contenders and they could help each other out.