Ever since James Harden requested to be traded from the Brooklyn Nets, word around the league was that he grew sick and tired of Kyrie Irving's antics. There were reports of a 'weird vibe' between them and that Harden didn't feel comfortable alongside him.

Needless to say, that wasn't hard to believe at the time. Harden wanted to win a ring, and Kyrie was a part-time player. Kevin Durant was injured, and the Philadelphia 76ers gave him a better shot at contending, at least on paper.

That's why some people were skeptical when the news broke that the Sixers were reportedly keeping tabs on Kyrie. But apparently, those rumors about potential beef between them were overstated, and they're actually cool with each other.

NBA Rumors: There's No Bad Blood Between Kyrie Irving And James Harden

(Transcript via Austin Krell of The Painted Lines)

"Sources familiar with the dynamic in Brooklyn indicate that the perception that Harden and Irving didn’t get along is overstated. One source described Irving and Harden as 'acquaintances'. Multiple sources dismissed the notion that there is bad blood between the two guards.

The same applies to Durant’s feelings about Harden. Durant famously chose Rudy Gobert over Harden with the final pick in the All-Star Draft after the blockbuster that sent Harden to Philadelphia. But, it appears as though the two-time former teammates are on good terms. A league source rejected the idea that Durant dislikes Harden. Durant doesn’t have bad blood with Harden over the departure, the source added. That same source threw cold water on the idea that there was animosity between the three stars."


Harden and the Sixers are working out a new long-term, team-friendly deal. That could pave the way for them to pull the trigger and lure Kyrie to the City of Brotherly Love and create a Big 3 with Joel Embiid, although that dynamic in the locker room would be interesting, to say the least.