The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the teams to beat in the NBA next season. They added some interesting pieces around LeBron James and Anthony Davis, especially the always-controversial Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook, who was born and raised in California, was often linked to a move to the STAPLES Center throughout his career. Nonetheless, it wasn't until this year that he finally had the chance to come back home.

So, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the former Scoring Champion admitted that, deep down, he always secretly dreamed of donning the purple and gold and repping his hometown.

NBA News: Russell Westbrook Says He Always Wanted To Play For The Lakers

“Secretly, yes. I think every player eventually play home. And I think now the timing is right, the setting is right, the team is right. Everything is in line," Westbrook admitted.

“It’s crazy. Because I played with Melo in Oklahoma City. And we never even talked about playing with each other. Me and Bron been friends for years and never even came up. And then all of a sudden this summer was like ‘Boom, Lakers! Boom Boom Boom Draft!’. Next thing you know I’m a Laker. Happened so quick… We talked before but nothing about playing," Westbrook added.

Westbrook Says He'll Never Take The Game For Granted

Russell Westbrook plays with never-ending fire. His passion, grit, and grind are nearly unmatched around the league. That's what Lakers fans are going to love about him night in and night out:

“This game has given me such an unbelievable platform to help and inspire other people across the world. So any opportunity I have to be able to step up and give everything I have, I do it every time… Some guys got different approaches. And I think I’ll be able to learn that being around Bron, Melo, and AD as the season prolongs. But I do know, just for me personally I know that the game is not promised to me, I know tomorrow is not promised to me at all so every time I step onto the floor, I give everything I have and then I wake up the next day and do the same thing again," the former MVP concluded.

Whether you're a fan of his game or not, having a star like Russell Westbrook around LeBron James and Anthony Davis will give the Los Angeles Lakers a big shot at winning another title next season.