Only a few could have imagined the Golden State Warriors would get off to such a fantastic start to the 2021-22 NBA season. Of course, Stephen Curry and company always deserve respect, but this year they're clearly exceeding expectations after a rather disappointing campaign.

The most surprising thing is that it's not like the Warriors built a complete different roster all of a sudden. In fact, they look practically unchanged, except for one or two names that had a great impact.

But results didn't come their way before. Steph has always been there, at an incredible level, and the core with Draymond Green and Klay Thompson has years in the franchise, although injuries got on the way. That's why Curry explained that the organization was right in not losing its head in the offseason, showing plenty of confidence on what this team can deliver.

Stephen Curry speaks up on the Warriors' title hopes

“If the goal is not winning a championship, then I don’t want to be here, said Curry, per Howard Beck of Sports Illustrated. “But if you’re like, ‘What are our options? What makes sense? What’s realistic?’ I’m also a rational person. I understand the league works a certain way. You can’t just wave a wand and things are gonna go your way. That can’t be the expectation.

"But if you’re asking now and what we have, there’s a great opportunity to develop and maintain this core of what we’ve done, and just give it a shot. And then you can kind of ride that wave until the signs say to do something different.”

Curry showed a realistic standpoint on how the Warriors approached the offseason, suggesting that the lack of big moves weren't a signal of the team having low expectations, quite the contrary.

He trusts on what his current teammates can offer to lead Golden State to a strong finish, and he might be right. As of now, their record looks pretty solid and, with Klay Thompson closing in on a long-awaited return, this Warriors at full strength may have what it takes to chase the ultimate glory.