Stephen Curry won his fourth NBA Championship Ring with the Golden State Warriors as a 34-year old player with a starting role. Just a handful of players have the same story to tell as the already legendary Dubs player.

In the last 2021-22 NBA Season, the Akron-born player averaged 25.5 points, 6.3 assists and 5.2 rebounds in 64 games in 2021-22. Also, he was selected to play in his eighth All-Star game. The Dubs player also won his first-ever NBA Finals MVP award after his finals performance.

In fact, Curry averaged 31.2 points, 6.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists in 6 games as he clinched another title for the Golden State franchise. Therefore, as of now its unclear how Curry is going to play next 2022-23 NBA season when he tries to repeat the NBA Championship title.

Dell Curry says until when is Stephen Curry capable to play at elite level

Dell Curry talked with NCB Sports journalist and Dubs Talk podcast host Monte Poole. They talked about Stephen Curry's approach for the upcoming seasons as an NBA player. “Watching him play at 34, he can stay at his level and be this productive on the floor. He still has the drive. He wants to win more. He’s hungry to win more. So, he definitely can play at this level for several years to come.”

Dell also commented about when both Stephen and Seth Curry brothers might retire. "I know 16 (seasons) was the number for both of them because that’s how long I played,” Dell says. “But now if you ask them, they both want to play longer than that. To say, ‘Dad, got you again."

As recalled, Stephen Curry signed a 4-year deal before last season started. Therefore, he still has at least until he is 40 years old to stay at the Bay Area franchise. "He’s got a four-year deal coming up. He can easily play at this level to fulfill that contract.” Dell said about this upcoming deal.