• Luka Doncic keeps breaking record for the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Dirk Nowitzki jokes about being mad at him.
  • Nowitzki is proud and excited about the Mavs.

Dirk Nowitzki Raves About Luka Doncic

There’s absolutely no doubt that Dirk Nowitzki is the greatest player in Dallas Mavericks history. He led them to their only two NBA Finals appearances and won their only championship.

Nonetheless, even though he was a pioneer and a guy who paved the way for European players after him, he might not hold that distinction for much longer. At this rate, Luka Doncic will.

The former Real Madrid star continues to break all kinds of records and make franchise history. That’s why in his recent appearance on the Mavs vs. Miami Heat broadcast, Nowitzki claimed that he’s actually mad at him.

Dirk Nowitzki Jokes About Being Mad With Luka Doncic

“Man, I’m so mad. He’s breaking every one of my records, man!” Dirk jokingly said. “I am thrilled for him, obviously. My last year was his first year in the league, and it was just great to see and get to know him a little bit. We saw in Year 1 that the sky is the limit for him but I honestly didn’t think he could go there.”

Luka Doncic and Dirk Nowitki celebrating during a Dallas Mavericks game.

Luka Doncic and Dirk Nowitki celebrating during a Dallas Mavericks game.

Doncic’s Offense Is Flawless, Says Nowitzki

The legendary power forward gushed about Doncic. He stated that he has no flaws in his offensive game, praising him for getting better with every year he spends in the league:

“He has no offensive holes in his game,” Nowitzki added. “He can do it all, he can shoot the step back, he can go both ways, he can post, he’s got the floater, he’s got all the horse shots, he’s got the full package. It’s been tremendous to watch. Every year I am saying that this kid can’t possibly get better, and next year, he comes back with more in his repertoire. It’s been incredible to watch him in his first couple years in the NBA, and hopefully, Mavs fans enjoy him for a long, long time.”

Doncic has become one of the most entertaining players to watch in league history. And while he still has a ways to go to erase Dirk’s name atop of the list, he’s well on pace to become the greatest Maverick of all time.

SURVEY Will Doncic be the greatest Mav ever?

Will Doncic be the greatest Mav ever?