In the absence of the action and adrenaline that emanate from the NBA floor, rumors and stories are born that often appear to be horror but end up as fiction. At least that seems to have been the case with Kyrie Irving's alleged rejection of Steve Nash and Sean Marks, coach and GM of the Brooklyn Nets respectively. 

According to a report by the New York Post, which cites an unnamed source, not only Kevin Durant disdains Nash and Marks, but Kyrie Irving also dislikes them: "He feels that Nash is terrible and Marks is bad," the publication emphasizes.

And while it is a fact that neither Durant nor Irving wishes to remain with the Brooklyn Nets for the upcoming NBA season and that they are incessantly looking for ways to switch teams, the hard feelings, at least from Irving, toward Steve Nash and Sean Marks may not be true, according to the point guard's agent.

Does Kyrie Irving really hate Nash and Marks?

The right of reply is one of the higgest rules in the media and this time it is the same New York Post who has published the statement of Kyrie Irving's agent about the alleged hatred of the player to his still coach and also to the GM of the Brooklyn Nets. There is a strong reason to believe the agent, as she is also the player's stepmother. 

"I am not sure where this narrative is coming from but Kyrie does not hate Steve nor Sean. That's not a part of his being nor how he represents himself in the world. He's about peace, love and acceptance," Ankletaker's agent Shetallia Riley told the New York Post.

While there is no feeling of pure animosity from Irving to Nash and Marks, Riley refused to comment in on another rumor about his client according to the aforementioned source: whether he wanted the coach and GM fired from the Nets, as Kevin Durant had requested.